Three Enticing Different Ideas to Create a Homey Bathroom

Feminine Bathrooms with Pink Touches This bathroom presents the elegance with the black, white, and gold tones filling the room. The floors are tiled with black and white. The striped walls are made of the shiny black and golden marble materials. A pedestal sink is uniquely designed with the combination of glowing gold and black hues. On the wall above this sink, there is a mirror framed [...]

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Some Enticing Bathroom Decorating Ideas to Become Prettier

bathroom with recessed lights, chandelier, and cove light as the artificial lighting fixtures
This bathroom is decorated beautifully with a white bathtub planted on the brown ceramic. Plus, it is adorned with a chandelier on the molding ceiling, encircling with the [...]

Fascinating Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Modern and Natural Feelings

rustic bathroom presenting an ancient feeling
Some bathroom decorating ideas applying a rustic theme are given here. Most rustic bathrooms look natural and traditional. However, it is also not impossible to create a [...]

Enticing Transparent Bathrooms to Relax Your Feelings during Bathing Time

bathroom with freestanding tub placed in the corner
A transparent bathroom surrounded by the natural beauty is really relaxing. A freestanding bathtub is completed with the wooden buffers and elegant metal faucet. Plus, a [...]

Enjoy Your Bathing Time by Applying Transparent Bathrooms for Your Own

harwood flooring in transparent bathroom
The glass and clear partitions are surely able to create a larger impression to the bathroom. If you have already had an extensive bathroom, it will look spacious even [...]

Several Inspirations of Asian Kitchen Part 3

Appealing Asian Kitchen in Brown and Green
In the first and second article, six design ideas of the Asian kitchen have been reviewed. If you need more inspirations of this design, here are the last three ideas of the [...]

Several Inspirations of Asian Kitchen Part 2

Contemporary Asian Kitchen with Yin and Yang shaped Island
Three inspirations of the Asian kitchen design have been reviewed in the previous article. There are still so many inspirations of this design, so here are other inspirations [...]

Several Inspirations of Asian Kitchen Part 1

Appealing Asian Kitchen with a Dining Area
As there are many choices of designs for the kitchen, you can choose one that suits your kitchen the most. A different design will provide a different impression and [...]

Several Ideas of Kitchen Island Design Part 2

Black Kitchen Island
There are three design ideas of kitchen island design that have been reviewed in the previous article. To give you more inspirations, here are other three ideas that you can [...]