Pallet Rack Ideas for Great Re-purposing and Recycling

coat rack of pallet There are so many inspirations to utilize pallet rack ideas. We will start it from this stunning shoe rack. And it is another useful wooden item that you can make by using a wooden pallet. This versatile item will be great to be put in an entryway or for your kids' room. The original idea is so simple. All you need to prepare are a pallet. The [...]

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Modern Tel Aviv Apartment Influenced by the City’s History

flat design of tel aviv apartment
The modern Tel Aviv apartment was designed by London-based architecture firm named Chiara Ferrari Studio. The apartment is located in Tel Aviv with an impressively modern [...]

Cute DIY Air Plant Ideas on Your Wall

air plants with wire frames
Here are we have some impressive DIY air plant ideas that will help you in decorating the look of your home interior decor. The display here you have probably seen [...]

Captivating Wall Art Ideas for Your Home Decor

folded paper Wall Art Ideas
Without the addition of art, a home often feels so empty and flat. One of the arts in a home decor can be the wall art that adorns the blank and plain look of your walls. It [...]

Build Simple Gazebo Plan Designs for Your Exteriors

gazebo plan
We have prepared some simple gazebo plan designs for you to inspire you in building your own. Let's start our projects from the six-sided gazebo plan designs from Mitre [...]

Stunning Home Interior Design with Black Ceiling and Floor

dining room with black floor
Create a new ambiance to your home interior design by coloring your ceiling and floor in black. In this case, you can start it by incorporating more than one black element [...]

Mesmerizing Kitchen Decorating Idea with Small Space

small kitchen in old style
Add a little freshness in your small kitchen decorating idea to bring it back to life. The window at an end wall of this U-shaped kitchen is used to hang some potted [...]

Backyard with Stepping Stone Paths as Bridges

grass pathway in modern touch
Stepping stone paths are referred to as step-stone bridges. They are simple bridges which are made of arranged stone in a way that permit you to cross the lawns, ponds or [...]

Backyard Modern Ideas with Some Privacy

modern wooden patio fence
For most of the homeowners, having a backyard with the spacious area can be rewarding. With the spacious outdoor area, you can get to relax and entertain your family and [...]